Automatical fish farm building in Riga.

2nd of October, 2006. There is a lodgement with area of 120 м2 and height of ceilings of 2,2 metres. Lodgement is inconvenient for placing of the big fish-breeding pools. Such height of ceilings imposes restrictions on height of RAS components, but gives conclusive advantage in the winter at maintenance of a normal water temperature. The lodgement is rented, so that means that all the automatic fish farm components, constructed by RAS principle, should be collapsible, easily dismantled and transferred to other lodgement.

We choose lodgement for RAS fish farm.  There are storage facilities now. We rent lodgement for fish farm. It is completely not provided for this purpose, but is not expensive. In this lodgement are low ceilings. It will be favourable in the winter, with the purpose of energy saving. We clean lodgement from garbage, make the sewerage, install a washstand and supply an electricity.
Here we will set pools for fishes with diameter of 3.2 metres. Sturgeon maximum stocking density is 100 kg/m3. Installation of the mechanical micromesh filter using a loader. Installation of supports under pools with fishes and mounting of the main pipeline in diameter of 200 mm. It is very important to correctly and exactly set all pipelines. Check of pipelines mounting.
We bring the fish-breeding equipment for an automatic fish farm working by RAS principle. Mounting of recirculation aquaculture system for fish breeding. Stainless steel pumps mounting. All pumps are duplicated to secure RAS high reliability. Electric cable building indoors, where recirculation aquaculture system is mounted.
We put first fishes in RAS fish farm. RAS general view, where sturgeon, trout and eels are growing. Installation of pools for baby fishes. In this case for the Siberian sturgeon. Siberian sturgeon with 10 gramme weight.
Pools stocking with the Siberian sturgeon. Fishing out the first crop of sturgeons. Commercial breeding of sturgeons in pools. Fish breeding at high stocking density.

Designing, installation, building and exploitation of an automatic fish farm have executed Vasiliy Krasnoborodko. One of the greatest sites dedicated to fish-breeding look here!