Automation of a fish farm constructed by a principle of the recirculation aquaculture system (RAS).

We are glad to call your attention to joint product of firm Akva Ferma, firm Akva Ferma and individual programmers, who were involved on a writing of the separate blocks of the program of this site.

On this site following functions are realized, but not all of them are accessible to the registered users, because some of the functions are accessible only to the personnel serving the given farm:

1. The choice of an automatic fish farm. For example: in Riga, Tallinn, Moscow, etc.

2. The short description of the chosen fish farm and the reference to pages of our main site where a complete description with photos and building stages of automatic RAS is.

3. Monitoring of all water parameters (concentration of oxygen in water, pH, waters electro conductivity, temperature, ORP, concentration of the general ammonium in water TAN, concentration of nitrites and nitrates in water) with an interval of 15 minutes. The parameters of water are deduced as a graph. <

4. Visualization of automatic fish farm RAS working. All RAS components are displayed, in what mode they are (automatic, i.e. operated by the controller or in manual) and switched on or switched off at present. It is possible to look what situation was on the fish farm for any chosen day in the past.

5. Parameters of fish farm feeding on each fish tank. A biomass of fish, feeding ratio, beginning and end time of feeding, daily norm of a feeding, speed of feeding, feedings nearest time.

6. The graph of fish feeding on each fish tank.

7. The graph of fish quantity in each fish tank.

8. Fish farms graphs of events on each tank: death rate of fishes, treatment of fishes, transfer of fishes from one tank in another, catch of fishes.

9. Analytical graphs: the graph with superimposing of fishes feeding on waters pH and concentration of oxygen in water.

If you are interested in our technologies, please, call by phone +371 26785118 or write to us by e-mail: info We can enter the information about your automatic fish farms working on this site and monitor it, by your request open or close access to this information. For this purpose your automation system should be compatible with Internet technologies.

Protection of the information and access through the Internet to automatic RAS is protected by two mediators - Web servers, i.e. at breaking of a code of this site you will not get access to automatic fish farm. It is necessary to successively crack 2 servers, but one web server not visible from Internet. Such protection has contrived and realized Vasiliy Krasnoborodko.

We wish you a pleasant viewing :)